Harbor BusinessSource Center Propels Rene Valdez to Culinary Success with the Launch of Mr. Valdez Mexican Food LLC

Rene Valdez and his wife, Yolanda Gutierrez, recently secured vital support from the Harbor BusinessSource Center, marking the inception of their culinary venture, Mr. Valdez Mexican Food LLC in San Pedro.

Possessing a rich background with over a decade in the restaurant industry, Rene harbored a long-standing dream of establishing his own enterprise. Guided by a referral from the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce, he found his way to the BusinessSource Center seeking essential startup counsel. Here, Rene connected with a seasoned consultant from the Harbor BusinessSource, who offered extensive business advisory services. The support extended to aiding in the application process for various licenses and permits—covering the LLC, EIN, Seller’s Permit, Health Department permit, and the City of Los Angeles business tax certificate. Alongside these, Rene received a comprehensive briefing on optimizing restaurant profits, a valuable tool in estimating food and labor costs.

Empowered by the Harbor BusinessSource Center’s assistance, Rene successfully realized his dream, launching Mr. Valdez Mexican Food LLC in November 2022. Recognizing the ongoing need for support, he plans to continue collaborating with the BusinessSource Center. Their partnership will extend to areas such as website design, accessing capital, social media marketing, and the crucial task of hiring two full-time employees to further bolster his growing business.

Mr. Valdez Mexican Food – 132 N. Pacific Avenue, San Pedro, CA 90731

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