Harbor BusinessSource Center Facilitates Success: Sidewalk Vending Entrepreneur Secures Essential Permits for Fruit Cart Venture

Juan Lux, a native of Guatemala, had been working as an employee for a Los Angeles-based produce vendor. Despite his efforts, Juan realized he desired more for himself and his expanding family. He seized the opportunity to purchase his employer’s produce cart and launch his own business as a sidewalk vendor.

Excited about the prospects of becoming a business owner, Juan approached the City of Los Angeles BusinessSource Center for guidance and support. However, there was a challenge he faced: Juan didn’t have an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) required to register his business. Understanding the significance of the ITIN, Juan’s business coach at the Harbor BusinessSource Center referred him to a partner agency that could assist him in obtaining the necessary identification.

In April 2023, Juan reached out to his business coach to share the news that he had successfully obtained his ITIN number through the assistance of the partner agency he was referred to. With this crucial step completed, Juan was now ready to take the next strides towards establishing his own business. Guided by his business coach, Juan proceeded to navigate the process of registering his business and obtaining the required permits and licenses.

The Business Coach at the City of Los Angeles BusinessSource Center proved to be an invaluable resource for Juan. They provided guidance and support every step of the way, helping Juan register for a Business Tax Registration Certificate, Seller’s Permit, Fictitious Business Name Statement, and a Health Permit. With each milestone achieved, Juan’s dream of becoming a sidewalk vendor in Los Angeles was becoming a reality.

Finally, on May 26, 2023, Juan received the much-awaited sidewalk vending permit under his name. It was a moment of triumph and satisfaction for Juan, who had worked tirelessly to overcome the challenges on his path to entrepreneurship. With his permits and licenses in hand, Juan could confidently open his fruit vending business, knowing that he had fulfilled all legal requirements and was embarking on a journey towards success.

Juan’s story is a testament to the invaluable support and resources provided by the City of Los Angeles BusinessSource Center. Without their assistance, Juan’s objective of starting his own business would have been difficult not knowing what steps to take. Today, thanks to the guidance and expertise of the BusinessSource Center, Juan stands as a proud business owner, contributing to the vibrant street food scene of Los Angeles while providing for his family and creating a brighter future for himself. His success story serves as an inspiration to other sidewalk vendors and highlights the essential role that organizations like the BusinessSource Center play in fostering entrepreneurship and economic growth within the community.

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