Entrepreneur Secures Loan for Cobbler Business

The Harbor-Watts BusinessSource Center, overseen by EWDD Partner Managed Career Solutions, helped entrepreneur Jose Rivera obtain a $3,500 working capital loan for his business, Paul’s Original Shoe and Working Boot Manufacturing in San Pedro.

Jose is a cobbler with more than 30 years of experience. He started out as an apprentice when he first immigrated to the United States and after the original owner Paul retired, Jose took over the business. Jose’s specialty is work boots for the dock workers and firemen in the Harbor region, along with custom jobs and shoe repairs.

The San Pedro Chamber of Commerce referred Jose to the Harbor-Watts BusinessSource Center earlier this year when he was looking to obtain a working capital loan for his business. Jose’s business was in the process of changing locations and he needed additional capital to complete pending work orders.

Jose brought in his financials, purchase orders and business documentation and a Harbor BusinessSource Consultant submitted a loan package on his behalf, which was approved in March of 2018.

Jose said he is very grateful that he can continue to provide his services to the working individuals of the community.

Story by LAEWDD: http://ewddlacity.com/index.php/press/news-2/453-entrepreneur-secures-loan-for-cobbler-business

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